LM Garden and Tree Care (established in 2008) provides professional arboricultural services throughout Gloucestershire and surrounding counties to domestic and commercial clients.

As a small business our main priority is customer care. We are a friendly and professional team working to high standards.

With all of our work, we ensure that it is carried out to the British Standard 3998:2010.

Health and safety is paramount in this line of work. We ensure that every aspect of the job has been considered and safety measures put in place to protect our team and members of the public from any work being carried out. Risk assessments and method statements can be provided upon request so that the client can be confident that the work is being carried out to the highest level.

We are qualified, fully insured, LOLER checked, trained in first aid+F and hold a waste carriers licence, copies of these can be provided upon request.

We are a Cheltenham based business and are able to travel throughout Gloucestershire and surrounding counties.

We offer free no obligation quotations for our services and can answer any questions you may have.

Quotations will be submitted after a personal meeting with the client so that all aspects of the works are covered to enable a competitive price. They will then be sent out within 48hrs by post or email.

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 Tree Pruning

Trees are pruned for many reasons. It could be necessary to prune for health reasons to prolong the life of a tree and promote new growth or to simply manage a tree in its surrounding environment.

Crown thinning is the removal of a portion of smaller/tertiary branches, usually at the outer crown, to produce a uniform density of foliage around an evenly spaced branch structure. This does not affect the overall size and shape of the tree but allows more light to pass through the branches.

Crown lifting is the removal of the lowest branches and/or preparing of lower branches for future removal. It is an effective method of increasing light transmission to areas closer to the tree or to enable access under the crown.

Crown reduction is the reduction in height and/or spread of the crown of a tree. It is done to make the tree more suited to its immediate environment or to reduce the effects of shading and light loss.


Tree work with restrictions

Before any tree work is undertaken we follow certain procedures to ensure that the correct permission is given to carry out the work.
Trees can be either protected by Tree Preservation Orders or if they lie within a conservation area and are larger than 75mm at the base.
If a tree is protected, we, acting as an agent on the clients behalf, submit the correct application to the Local Planning Authority requesting the required works.
In most cases a decision is made within 6 weeks of submitting the application.
It is important to ensure that these checks have been made as failing to do so may result in fines or prosecution.
In certain cases of Dead or Diseased trees, a shorter notice may be given if a tree is deemed a potential health and safety hazard or threat.

Other restrictions in tree work may consist of protected wildlife covered by Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. We are very careful before any job to ensure that we are not disturbing any nesting birds, bats or protected wildlife. We also ensure that we carry out any work that could pose a threat to birds out of the nesting season.

We also have connections with the local ornithological society so preservation of wildlife is very important to us.

Contact Details

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Email: admin@lmtreecare.com